George Ranger Johnson (born March 11, 1946)
is the author of the Lonesome Dreams series of
adventure stories, including "Ends of the Earth",
"Time to Run" and "The Man Who Lives Forever".

Mr. Johnson currently resides in Tucson, AZ.
His most recent novel, "The Ghost on the Shore"
was published in 1987.

The series unfolds non-chronologically, following the wide-ranging adventures of several characters, (chiefly Huron, Admiral Blaquefut and Helena) whose stories intertwine.

It is unclear whether the Lonesome Dreams series
will continue.


The Lonesome Dreams series
(In order of publication date)

"Lonesome Dreams" (1966)

"She Lit a Fire" (1968)

"Time to Run" (1969)

"Ends of the Earth" (1971)

"The Man Who Lives Forever (1974)

"In the Wind" (1977)

"Brother (Last Ride)" (1979)

"I Will Be Back One Day" (1983)

"Lullaby" (1985)

"The Ghost on the Shore" (1987)

"Setting Sun" (unfinished)

"Time to Run" - out of print

"Ends of the Earth" - out of print

"The Man Who Lives Forever" - out of print

"The Ghost on the Shore" - out of print

"Brother (Last Ride)" - out of print

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